Benefits of an RSR Engagement

Customized – each RSR study is tailored to the single client’s individual needs (we do not do syndicated, “one size fits all” studies). 

Flexible / adaptable – as information is gathered, new questions or a new study direction may be warranted.  We do not utilize a rigid questionnaire or survey, but rather believe that each study is a fluid process.

Reliable – information comes from primary source executive interviews, not downloads of public documents or internet searches or database queries.  Information is validated and cross-checked, produced by highly experienced interviewers / consultants.

Timely – studies are produced promptly, usually within six to twelve weeks or less, based on up-to-date information. Nothing is sold “off the shelf.”

Solution-focused – we don’t just “throw the data over the wall,” we present an integrated package that specifically, directly addresses client objectives in a targeted manner.